Founded in 2015 in Glenmoore, PA, the POF is a musical subgroup within a larger group of lifelong friends. Brother Matt (guitarist, lead vocals) and Chris Subers (drummer, keyboard), along with cousin Sean Grahn (bass, vocals) and childhood friend Aurora Rush (OP-1, drums), have had roughly a decade of experience playing together in various cover bands and ensembles, which is evident in their extremely polished live performances. Blending influences of alternative rock, funk, math rock, and EDM, the POF combines technical skill and rhythmic variations with upbeat melodies and catchy guitar riffs, resulting in a distinctly unique sound. All of the band members are multi-instrumentalists, adding variety to their live shows by showcasing each member's wide range of playing skills on a multitude of levels. Their endearing humbleness combined with their sheer talent and seamless playing continuously win over the hearts of new and old fans alike, with their clean tones and thermal sonic atmosphere providing audiences with a taste of something refreshingly different.

In 2016, the POF released their debut EP, “Remember Why You’re Here,” and have been playing shows at venues such as the Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA), the Launch Music Conference and Festival, the Kennett Flash (Kennett, PA), the Voltage Lounge (Philadelphia, PA), and numerous others. They “live for giving an audience the best live show they possibly can.”

"Excellent music, full of creative musical talent that makes you feel warm and fuzzy the more you turn it up." - Chris Cachuela, owner of Chaplin's Bar

"They're always energetic and charismatic and it never fails to engage their audience. They always find ways to vary their set and arrangements so that their live shows offer an extra something special that you wouldn't hear in their recorded music. You can tell they all work tirelessly at their craft and we idolize them because of their incredible musical talents, but their individual humble natures and crowd interaction make them personable. It's a triple threat that you can't in a lot of bands." - Brenna Diehl, lead singer of The Big Fat Meanies